Korindo Foundation’s Partner Becomes Model for BKL at DKI Provincial Level

By May 7, 2019 August 13th, 2019 Economy

Jakarta – The support in the form of assistance and guidance provided by Korindo Foundation to a group of Elderly Family Development or Bina Keluarga Lansia (BKL) Impala since last 2018 has helped turn the group into a model for BKL at DKI Jakarta Provincial level. The award was handed over by the Chairwoman of PKK Movement Team DKI Jakarta, Fery Farhati on March 14th 2019.

As quoted from the website beritajakarta.id, BKL Impala outperformed 785 other BKLs located in Jakarta.“With high enthusiasm, BKL Impala has been independently building the surrounding community, accommodating and empowering the elderly with positive and productive activities,”said Fery Farhati, who is the wife of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan on Thursday (14/3).

By becoming a model for BKL, the Impala group did not let this get to their heads. The Head of BKL Impala admitted that the award is also due to Korindo Foundation’s role by providing assistance and guidance since last year.

“We feel grateful for Korindo Foundation that has provided support, motivation, and help in driving our activities. We hope the assistance will continue,”said the Head of Impala, Anwar while receiving the donation of catfish feeds from Korindo Foundation on last Wednesday (30/4).

In responding the comment, General Secretary of Korindo Foundation, Mr. Yi Sun Hyeong hoped that the elderly in BKL can maintain their health and fitness considering their advanced age, so they can continue providing benefits for the family and environment. He also said that Korindo Foundation will keep providing assistance so BKL Impala can keep growing.

Since last year, Korindo Foundation has been providing aid in the form of catfish fingerlings, feeds, and processing machine for fishery products to increase the added value to the products made by BKL Impala.

In running their activities, BKL Impala manages the catfish farming development. There are 3 categories of catfish that they are cultivating, namely the ones to be sold, to be consumed, to be used as raw ingredients for dumplings, meat floss, and meatballs.

BKL Impala has 20 members and all of them are elderly retirees from TNI Air Force. (cha/pr)

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