Korindo Foundation gives scholarships to Papuan children to continue their studies at Instiper Yogyakarta

By October 28, 2019 Education

KONTAN.CO.ID – PAPUA. Korindo Foundation’s contribution to improve education quality in the 3T region, especially in the areas of Boven Digoel, Papua, has succeeded. This time, Korindo succeeded in helping four indigenous Papuan students to continue their education to the higher level.

In collaboration with the Palm Oil Education Fund Management Agency (BPDP) since 2018, the four students received scholarships to continue their studies at the Stiper Agricultural Institute (Instiper), in Yogyakarta. They are Katarina Andap, Agusta SM Aute, Yosefina Tomba, and Edi Kawab.

Instiper Scholarship gives an opportunity for them to study until they graduate without being charged. Not only limited to education costs, but for accommodation, transportation, living costs, certificates, graduations have also been covered. So the students can focus on their study.

The awarding of this scholarship was also witnessed by Jair District Secretary, Boven Digoel Yohanis Kimrip as a representative of the local government at the end of last September 2019. Yohanis Kimrip appreciates Korindo Group who cares about the education in remote areas.

“We, from the government, are very proud of Korindo Group’s programs in Papua, which build communities through educational programs,” Yohanis Kimrip said in a statement on Thursday (10/10).

This scholarship was welcomed joyfully by the scholarship recipients. They are grateful the company has helped them realize their dreams.

“Thank you to the company, because through this program we were able to study. Hopefully the company will continue to support us so we can finish our studies well, “said Katarina.

The successful in getting the Instiper scholarship is inseparable from Korindo’s full support. These students got Korindo’s assistance since they were still in school.

Korindo through Korindo Foundation was also the company that encouraged and managed the scholarship registration process since a few months ago until they receive this scholarship.

“Our hope is the children who are living here one day can be usefull for the companies in Papua,” said DPT Director Dwiana as a representative of the company.

As Dwiana explained, this year was the second year that Korindo cooperated with Instiper.

Although the scholarship has been fully funded, Korindo foundation still provides the students’ needs such as clothing, notebook, cellphones, pocket money and accommodation to prepare for their departure to Yogyakarta.
Korindo Foundation hopes that these students can encourage other students around the area of the company who want to continue their studies to college.

Thus, the number of scholarship recipients will increase in the future, and make Papuan children will get a higher education.

Source: industri.kontan.co.id

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