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A Number of Companies Receive 2019 Padmamitra+ Awards for Contribution in Developing Jakarta

By November 14, 2019September 14th, 2021Economy


Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta awarded a number of companies and organizations or foundations at Padmamitra+ Awards 2019 for taking part in building the city of Jakarta with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

The Governer of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, who presented the award in person, stated that this award is a form of support from DKI Jakarta Provincial Government towards various social initiatives that are carried out consistently and continuously by organizations and companies.

“I thank the business entities and non-business entities that have managed to receive the award. Hopefully, this will continue on. Alongside the DKI Jakarta CSR Forum, we will continue to collaborate and create a synergy so Jakarta will be an advanced city where the citizens are happy,” said Anies in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of DKI Jakarta CSR Forum, Mahir Bayasut said that the CSR activities that have been conducted by a number of companies as well as organizations or foundations are important, because they help DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in realizing targets in community development.

Therefore, Padmamitra Awards which previously only gave awards in 7 categories, now has 15 categories, because the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta wants the implementation of CSR activities to be able touch a cross-sector community, where to this day, is still focused on poverty alleviation in the capital city.

“The categories were added because of the current rapid development, particularly in regard to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Because on one hand, the Local Government Budget (APBD) could not be used to help all citizens, so CSR is very meaningful,” Mahir said.

One of the organizations that received the 2019 Padmamitra+ Awards is Korindo Foundation, which is part of Korindo Group, that received an award in the category of Social Program that Gives Sustainable Impact through the ‘Hydroponic Village’ program, an Urban Farming concept implemented by Korindo Foundation since 2017 in narrow alleyways in Pengadegan District, Pancoran, South Jakarta.

This program has gained appreciation because it does not only have a positive impact to the environment in urban areas, but also provide access and opportunities for the development of local entrepreneurship with the production of vegetables and fruits grown using hydroponic method (a planting cultivation with water as a planting media/without using soil), aquaponics (freshwater fish cultivation using hydroponic installation) and processed products from cultivation.

The General Secretary of Korindo Foundation, Mr. Yi Sun Hyeong, who received the award stated that to date, the program is being continued by Hidrofresh Farmers Group in Pengadegan District. In fact, at the end of 2019, this program will enter an exit phase because the farmers group are already able to continue this program independently.

“This program is Korindo Foundation’s pilot project, and will be implemented in other locations, not only in DKI Jakarta but also other regions by adjusting to the condition and local wisdom in each region, so the community can also enjoy the benefits from our social program,” Yi Sun Hyeong explained.

The 2019 Padmamitra+ Award that was received by Korindo Group through Korindo Foundation has complemented Korindo’s achievement in last 2018, which also received 2018 Padmamitra Award at national level for the category of Remote Management that was held by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Republic of Indonesia.


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